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Sodi Scientifica has been synonymous with safety and high technology since 1964

Our Mission is to create value for our customers, employees and investors through the provision of high quality products for the control of vehicular traffic.


“After a careful selection phase and a series of field tests, the choice fell on Sodi Scientifica technology”

General Manager, EEIG Mont Blanc Tunnel

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“Are Autovelox only used to make extra monies?

News dated 24 April 2018.
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Travelling on roads with confidence

The mission of Sodi Scientifica is inspired by the creation of a better world. Too high an aspiration? Perhaps. But we know that great results are achieved one grain at a time, including in the daily commitment to design instruments to help the law enforcement authorities and to contribute to creating sustainable mobility.

Paolo Sodi
CEO of Sodi Scientifica

We work every day to support those who guarantee road safety in Italy and throughout the world.

Sodi Scientifica’s traffic detection systems have been chosen by law enforcement authorities, by municipal companies and by local and national authorities around the world for their reliability and high technological content.

Over 50 years of experience for the improvement of road safety!