Remote Assistance

Remote assistance is a technical support service that we provide remotely for the following instruments:

  • Autostop HD
  • Autovelox 106

Subscribing customers receive assistance through a telematic link that gives technicians access remotely to the instrument.

This therefore enables a series of operations to be performed that would otherwise require the transfer of a technician or shipment of the instrument to our office, with evident savings in terms of time and expense.

Mantainance and repair

A well-maintained instrument Autovelox, Autostop, Assivelox…) results in efficiency of the service on roads and reduces the need for transfers to a local authorised maintenance workshop (where present) or the Technical Assistance Service of the parent company.

The details of the envisaged maintenance will vary according to the instrument purchased; for further information it is possible to consult the data sheets and manuals dedicated to the products. Alternatively contact our office or your local distributor directly.

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