Speed-Red Light Camera Sites

AutoBox Smart

The experience acquired through thirty years of achievements in the field of speed enforcement has now allowed Sodi Scientifica to develop a new version of speed camera site exhibiting outstanding characteristics.

Such sites have proved to be an effective means for reducing vehicles’ speed during road safety campaigns. The AutoBox are, in
fact, normally located on trunk roads and highways showing a higher accident rate. Automatic unattended speed enforcement allows optimizing the deployment of human resources through the reduction of labor intensive activities and increasing safety of officers by means of equipment which reduce manual operations. They also act as a deterrent over speed offences by simply being present though not equipped.

The AutoBox consists of a steel heavy duty roadside box with limited weight and overall dimensions, which may be ground-anchored by means of braces. Designed for housing the “Autovelox 104/C-2”, the “Autovelox 104/e” or the “Autovelox 105 SE” laser speedmeters manufactured by Sodi Scientifica, in order to operate by night the system may also be provided with a flash unit and proper housing.

The three portholes, two for the speedmeter and one for the camera, are made of a paint-resistant polycarbonate allowing spray paint-stains to be easily removed. It is also provided with double-mapping safety locks, twilight switch for automatically turning off the unit in case of poor light and activating the flash.

When using the Autovelox 105 SE speedmeter, Autobox is additionally equipped with an air conditioning system, the 230 V power supply must be provided and the system may also operate from the left side of the road. In case of automatic unattended operation, through a proper data transmission network (e.g. fiber-optics, GPRS, UMTS), live images are displayed and retrieved by a central computer and the operator can manage all enforcement parameters (e.g. speed or tailgating limit).

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