Speed-Red Light Camera Sites

AutoBox 106

Speed Detection Camera Autobox Smart

Autobox 106 is a vandal-proof speed camera site, specially designed to house the Autovelox 106 speed enforcement device by Sodi Scientifica, with small dimensions and weight compared to previous Autobox models.
Autobox 106 can be equipped with a speed device, camera and visible or infrared LED flash.


Bidirectional Detection
Autovelox 106 Premium has also the bi-directional detection adds-on that will allow detecting the speed of two-way streets.
Thanks to the rear side photo shooting, bi- directional detection tool allows for

  • full respect of privacy
  • detection of motorbike plates
  • night use thanks to the two integrated flashes

Autobox 106 can be installed, without any modification, on the right or left sides of the road and powered by mains, batteries or solar panels.


Autobox 106 is made of hot rolled steel, with a thickness of mm. 3.
The upper door is equipped with a double map security lock, while the service door is accessible only by acting on the internal unlocking mechanism. Both doors are protected by an anti-intrusion and vandal-proof system.
The portholes are made of polycarbonate with shatterproof characteristics and a special surface coating that allows easy removal of nitro-based spray varnish stains. If equipped with the infrared flash version, portholes are black colored, in order to hide the view of the instrument placed inside.


“Turnkey” package and service
Sodi Scientifica can offer a full package of hardware, software and services that includes:

  • flash
  • router GSM *
  • OCR software
  • roadside housing box Autobox 106
  • transportation
  • installation *
  • commissioning *
  • manufacturer’s warranty on the whole en- forcement system

*depending on the Country where the system is installed

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