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Autostop HD

Autostop HD is a high-quality digital camera for the enforcement of red light running, speeding and improper lane use, working simultaneously across a full three lanes of traffic and three different red light times.

Sodi Scientifica has exploited all the experience acquired since 1964 in traffic instrumentation, condensing it in a highperformance, multipurpose device, capable of detecting violations in an indisputable manner, in order to simplify operators’ life and contribute to the improvement of road safety.

Special features

  • Tamper-free high-resolution digital images
  • Motion video clip
  • Infrared or white light flash module
  • Remote or local data download
  • High operational efficiency
  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Connection via tablet PC
  • Automatic signalling of malfunctions or vandalism
  • Modular system


  • Red light running
  • Excess of speed (on red or green lights)
  • Failure to comply to traffic light signals

What is made up of

Standard components

  • Digital camera
  • Flash module
  • Road side cabinet
  • OCR software for Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Decrypt AHD Software
  • Pole supports

Detection Sensors

  • Inductive loops or
  • Virtual loops (available for Red light enforcement only)

Enforcement pay-options

  • Speed enforcement
  • Red light enforcement

Accessories on demand

  • Video camera for infraction footage
  • Alarm system
  • 3G + WiFi network devices
  • Road side pole
  • Heating components kit (available only for the North American version)

All modules, except the road side cabinet, are pole mounted, with a minimum ground elevation of 3.1 meters.

Photograpic video / evidence

At a traffic light Intersection, Autostop HD captures two High Definition (up to 18 megapixels) digital images; the first when the vehicle is crossing the stop line (in the North American version: before crossing it), the second when the vehicle is in the middle of the intersection.

Sodi Scientifica’s high resolution camera system enables the positive identification of an offending vehicle from a single photograph through a clear view of the following elements:

  • state of traffic signals (green, amber or red)
  • offending vehicle model and make
  • offending vehicle number plate automatically read by the in-built OCR (in countries where this option is available)

When installed in an open road or highway, the system captures one or two pictures of the speeding vehicle, according to the local law. All violation data (pictures, video clips and details) are protected through digital signature with public key encryption to ensure information is authentic and tamper free. The result is a set of images which are always clear, authentic and indisputable.

IR or white light flash module

The camera can be equipped with an invisible infrared flash unit or a white light flash, automatically activated when lighting is insufficient. Using the IR device, pictures are taken in black and white by day and night.

Optional digital video camera

Autostop HD, using only natural lighting, can also capture a 10 second motion video clip showing a view of the intersection 4 seconds before and 6 seconds after the vehicle crossed the stop line.


Automatic local or remote download of data
All enforcement information may be automatically downloaded through wired (fiber optic, UTP cable, etc.) or wireless (UMTS or HSUPA) networks. Without any interruption, operators can also set the site parameters from the office or locally using a special encrypted mass memory “Data Key” or by laptop or Tablet PC.
Should this data be lost or damaged, Autostop HD allows it to be recovered for a 30 day span.

High operational efficiency
Thanks to its innovative Photo-Burst technology, Autostop HD provides unparalleled simultaneous enforcement rate across a full three lanes of traffic and three different red light times.

Non-intrusive connection to the traffic light
In order to refrain Autostop HD to interfere at all with the traffic light system, its state (green, amber or red) is gathered through a fiber optic system.

Automatic signalling of malfunctions or vandalism
Through the optional alarm system, Autostop HD activates a siren and signals any possible acts of vandalism, or malfunctions to both the officers (via SMS) and the instation, thanks to the sophisticated sensors mounted in the housing box and in the road side cabinet.
The device also signals to the operators when the measured amber phase is lower than the programmed time threshold.

Low visual impact
Autostop HD is particularly compact and can be installed on both sides of the road. The entire photo/video and flash device is mounted on a single pole and the road side cabinet can be positioned within 60 metres from it.

Low visual impact
The system is provided with a free software tool called Decrypt AHD, which allows:

  • Importing data from a unit Autostop HD (using the Data Key) or from a folder on an FTP site;
  • Decryption of data;
  • Programming the Data Key.
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