Speed enforcement systems

Autovelox 106

The continuous search for excellence allowed Sodi Scientifica to condensate its experience and new technologies in its new Autovelox 106 model, setting the bar to a new height in the traffic offenses detection field.

The new Autovelox 106 laser sensor is based on a combination of the Across The Road (ATR) laser technology and the Time Of Flight (TOF) measurement ensuring the correct vehicle position detection.

Main components

Autovelox 106 is essentially made up of:

  • laser sensor
  • CPU with camera unit
  • Installation supports
  • tablet PC for remote control (various models available)
  • optional flash
  • accessories and software options

The device is available in two configurations: Standard and Premium.
The Standard version is mainly intended for mobile use in urban areas, on single lane roads.
The Premium version is the more advanced and complete:

  • Features
    • new AX106 laser bar
    • no connection cables in mobile configuration, thanks to Bluetooth technology
    • 80 GB archive (2 GB in the Standard version)
    • suitable for roads with up to 4 lanes and with large volumes of traffic
    • suitable for installation in fixed sites
    • version available in compliance with the WELMEC guide
    • upgradable with all available pay options

Autovelox 106 can be installed with a mobile configuration (patrol car or tripod) or in a fixed site (road side cabinet, pole or gantry installations). It captures one or two high-resolution digital images (up to 18 megapixels) for each offense, including all violation data. It is a multi-functional instrument, which can detect the following offenses:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Cars Only
  • Bus lane
  • Emergency lane
  • On demand documental photo evidence

The unit’s user interface can be programmed in any language, including those not using alphabetical characters, and is designed to be powered by the following sources:

  • internal battery
  • Additional external battery
  • Mains supply
  • Alternative sources (e.g. photovoltaic)


Autovelox 106 has been designed to ensure the best possible operational efficiency. Thanks to the multi-tasking function and the new “Photo-burst” technology, the instrument is capable to detect multiple vehicles in sequence.
The instrument’s archive can be browsed while continuing normal enforcement operations.

The widely recognized day/night photographic quality of the Autovelox systems is also assured in this case by a single camera that can operate on roads with up to 4 lanes in each direction, with 18 Mpixel high-resolution images, on which our ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system can easily operate.


Autovelox 106 does everything to make life easier for Police Officers.
With the mobile configuration, assembling the device and starting an enforcement service take only few minutes. It is enough to position the unit at the road side, aim the laser sensor and switch it on. The unit is immediately operational.
It is the smallest and lightest of its category: just one luggage for standard components.

In the Premium version, there are neither connection cables nor external battery.
All device functions are controlled by a latest generation tablet PC (iPad or other).
The data (images and data) is stored on the device and the manual download can be easily done using a special USB pen drive.
In case of fixed installation instead, the remote control and data download is envisioned also on either wired or wireless networks.
Built-in GPS for date and time automatic adjustment.
In the case of a fixed site installation, the non-invasive technology also allows to:

  • avoid interruption of the traffic for both installation and maintenance or in the case of road works
  • be unaffected by the state of the road surface or the presence of metal infrastructures under the road paving

Reliable and safe

Autovelox 106 enables positive identification of the offending vehicle, automatically tracing a square around it, facilitating back office operator’s job whenever there is the presence of several vehicles in the same image.

In order to guarantee integrity and originality, the digital signature with double public-key cryptography is applied automatically to all data (photo and details). The final result is represented by sharp, authentic and unquestionable images and data. The system can be integrated with a white light or an invisible infrared light (IR) flash. Its activation is fully automatic when environment lighting is insufficient.
If downloaded data get lost or damaged for any reason, Autovelox 106 allows their recovery within 30 days.

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