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Since its inception, the company has always been at the forefront in the design and manufacture of systems for the electronic detection of vehicular traffic, of electrodiagnostic instruments and for environmental protection.

Sodi Scientifica has been synonymous with safety and high technology since 1964.

In particular, in the Traffic sector, Sodi Scientifica has pioneered, through the creation in 1966 of the first Autovelox®, an invention of the founder Fiorello Sodi.

The commitment of the company to personal safety is testified by a very long tradition of cooperation with public bodies, non-profit associations and schools. Many safety training initiatives have been promoted, particularly with regard to road safety.


Preserving and improving human life
Create value for its customers, employees and investors through the provision of high quality products for the control of vehicular traffic

  • Integrity, which includes the most stringent requirements of honesty, ethical behaviour and exemplary moral conduct
  • The valuing of and respect for persons, which involves focusing on the interests of all those who come into contact with the company
  • Excellence, which is reflected in the constant search for new technological and organisational solutions and in the commitment to being the best in the industry


Sodi Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche, the forerunner to the current Sodi Scientifica, was founded in 1964 by Fiorello and Carla Sodi. Just two years later Fiorello Sodi patented the first prototype of Autovelox®, an invention that in subsequent years would be so common on Italian roads that it would become a term included in Italian language dictionaries and used by all to refer to penalty-related speed measurers.

Inside the Calenzano headquarters, near Florence, there is also a small Autovelox museum displaying the first prototypes and equipment that over the years have marked the history of road safety in Italy.

The success of the safety autovelox, or speed camera, gave rise to the Traffic Division of Sodi Scientifica, presented on this website.

Further details on the other activities developed by Sodi Scientifica, and in particular the water treatment systems, are available on the website dedicated to the Environment Division.

The Autovelox Museum

Within Sodi Scientifica there is a small museum displaying the first prototypes and trials installed on roads, together with other instruments that, from the 1960s to today, have formed the history of vehicular traffic detection in Italy.
We have included a small extract here.


Sodi Scientifica has adopted a Quality Management System based on the standard ISO 9001:2008 and certified by DNV-GL.

Certificate Sodi Scientifica ISO9001:2008