Social commitment

Code of Ethics

Sodi Scientifica has always intended to provide a service to persons and is guided in its daily work by its ingrained values that it has constantly implemented. Integrity, appreciation and respect for persons and excellence.

These values are also represented in the organisational and management model that it has adopted to ensure compliance with the Italian legislation requirements, specifically with Legislative Decree no. 8/6/01 no. 231, codifying and typifying in its own Code of Ethics the ethical principles and rules of conduct that have in fact always characterised management of the company.
We have included a small extract here.

The social commitment of Sodi is based on its values, on its code of ethics and, even more so, on the many national initiatives and collaborations aimed at improving the safety of citizens

Fundamental values
  • Compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Italy and in the European Union as well as with those of the foreign countries in which it operates.
  • Internal business organisation with a separation of functions both to identify the authors and the traceability to these of behaviours and to prevent conflicts of interest, while those who manage or direct the office are responsible for implementation of the model.
  • The right to expect conduct that complies with this model, to demand its application, to report non-implementation of the model, the refusal to apply it, the cases in which it has been requested or ordered knowingly to breach it and the intent to report to the Board of Directors and to the Board of Statutory Auditors any illegal contexts or violations of laws. If the conduct can be misunderstood or interpreted as symptomatic of illegal contexts and situations, the recipient must avoid it, even if permitted or not prohibited by this model.